Attract a Crowd in Buffalo, NY

Plan and advertise your event with the help of a professional event promoter

Planning an event to promote your business all by yourself is a monumental task. Instead of going it alone, turn to Jelly Rolle Entertainment in Buffalo, NY. We love to work with local small businesses, artists and women-owned shops to connect strong individuals in our community with their target audiences. You're sure to make your local event a hit with our assistance.

Email our event promoter today for help with your event.

Meeting the needs of all our clients

Wondering if our professional team can help you? We serve a wide range of diverse clients and:

  • Offer social media advertising services
  • Specialize in event coordinating and promoting
  • Provide music and artist merchandising services

Whether you'd like a little professional help attracting a crowd or planning your event, we've got you covered. Our event coordinator knows unforeseen issues can pop up, but he doesn't let those get in the way of our clients' events. Call 716-424-4752 today to start planning your event.

3 reasons why our clients trust us

If you have a great event in the making, you'll want to connect with a trusted coordinator. Our event promoter is:

  • 1. Honest - he's always honest with his clients
  • 2. Hardworking - he finds a way to get every job done right
  • 3. Resilient - he can handle any curveball you throw his way

Most importantly, our event coordinator loves people. In a business that hinges on making people happy and seeing their visions to fruition, this is the most valuable tool in his toolkit. He'll go above and beyond to bring people together over your brand, store or idea. View our About Us page to learn a little more about our promoter.